Connected in Motion: 58km, 6 days, 1 goal!

When I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, one of the first things I asked my diabetes educator was whether there were any clubs or groups I could join to meet other people like me. I was feeling a bit alone because even though my husband, family, and friends are very supportive people, they just didn’t quite “get it”. Logo_CIM_Regular_1400x440

While attending a workshop for exercising with diabetes (more on this in a future blog post), I was introduced to the organization Connected in Motion (CIM). This organization provides programming for adults with Type 1 diabetes through peer-based experiential education. What does that mean exactly? They plan cool active and often outdoor activities for groups of people with Type 1 to connect, learn from one another, and take charge of their health. CIM is based in Canada, but also organize events in certain parts of the United States.

I was given an amazing opportunity this year. I applied and was selected to participate on the 2017 Adventure Team. This year, we will be hiking 58km over 6 days in Cape Scott Provincial Park (British Columbia). This is going to be a huge challenge for me, but I am very excited and ready to take it on. We hope to inspire others and challenge the idea of what living with Type 1 diabetes looks like.

Part of this challenge is to raise funds to help support this fantastic organization. My goal is $2500 by the time we leave in August! I’m going to be doing all the hard work (58km in the woods!) but it’s easy for you to help out too! Visit my fundraising page to contribute. Every dollar helps me reach my goal!

If you aren’t able to donate today, you can also help out by sharing my page with your friends and family. Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram (@YepIcanEatThat) to keep up to date!

Connected in Motion helped me when I was struggling with my diagnosis. It allowed me to meet other people who are in the same boat as me, and has shown me that you can live without limits even with diabetes!


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