10 things women with T1D will understand

November is diabetes awareness month, with World Diabetes Day falling on November 14, 2017. This year’s theme is Women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future.

In honour of this, I am going to focus on topics that may be of interest to women living with type 1 diabetes all month long. Expect lots of healthy recipes as well! 

To kick things off, here are 10 things women with type 1 diabetes will understand!

  1. The horror that is sugar-free chocolate (Never. Again.).tumblr_mjgdv9o7og1qfv6tdo4_250
  2. Hauling around a purse the size and weight of a typical carry-on suitcase.
    Actual photo of my purse.
  3. Going even crazier trying to manage your blood sugars during that time of the month.giphy
  4. Trying to figure out if you are angry, hangry, hormonal, or just high.hangry1
  5. Trying to look sexy whilst testing your blood sugar or disconnecting your pump before getting intimate.giphy1
  6. Trying to lose weight while on insulin therapy. c95be227a8e424fd7bd8cb617026eb75-it-memes-diabetes-memes
  7. People joking about you being pregnant after constantly having to pee due to a high blood sugar.lucille-portable
  8. Hoping that you constantly have to pee due to a high blood sugar, and not yet another UTI or other infection. For those who don’t know, women with T1D are more prone to these types of infections!
  9. Accessibility for injections or pump tubing is often a deciding factor when shopping for clothes.43aecc6e5a70fe95fa710a142d3550b0-pumps-diabetes-pump
  10. Finding out champagne is actually lower carb than red or white wine. Cheers!features_141229624_ep_3_lyixbpabhwbh

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